I have made new work replicating segments of a long ladder in delicate pink silk, for a group show at Grace Cossington Smith Gallery, Sydney.
SENTIENT VISIBILITY 31 July – 18 August 2018, Opening on 4th August.
Curated by Anne Levitch, this exhibition brings together various works exploring the vestiges / traces of something that has passed. Through an image, an object, a crease, a fabric, a sound, a wrinkle, a mark, scar or imprint, we are surrounded by traces. Artists: Ella Dreyfus,
Rox de Luca, Annaliese Jahn, Pollyxenia Joannou, Gillian Lavery, Melinda Le Guay, Anne Levitch, Anita Larkin

I will be teaching a feltmaking workshop at GCS Gallery on 11th August. Beginners welcome.

Also until August 5th, at Timeless Textiles Gallery catch the last days of “Subterranean” showing my felt sculpture titled “The cloud within me”
"The felted form is a visual reference to a cloud in the sky, but it is also the shape of alveoli, the tiny sacs in the respiratory system that allow us to take oxygen into our bodies. The small pink aperture gives reference to a bodily function. A cloud forms through condensation, a mixture of air and water, of my warm breath and my tears. This is my inner cloud".
SUBTERANNEAN 11 July - 5 August 2018
Subterranean explores ideas of layers and land as an Australian response to the work of German artist, Charlotte Sehmisch. Each artist will interpret the idea of 'what lies beneath' in geology, society, emotionally and structurally through the medium of felt.

MAY 2018
This month I am completing another public art project for Wollongong City Council. It will be installed in Pig Alley, Wollongong, on 24th May. The project has involved the making of 4 collages using ephemera in the shape of envelopes. These have then been digitally printed up very large onto aluminium panel cut outs, for mounting on the wall. “Envelopes are objects of transition, moving from one place to another, telling stories. Much like the people that traverse this laneway. The collages reveal Wollongong’s complexity of history and culture.”

Also this month and into June, catch some of my work at the following places:

BEYOND THE SEAM: conceptual works in fibre art
27 May - 24 June 2018
CASM - Contemporary Art Space Mandurah, Western Australia
Curated by Martien van Zuilen, this exhibition includes twelve artists working in the medium of textiles within a conceptual framework. Each artist has been selected for work that is pushing perceptions of fibre ‘beyond the seam’

2 June - 29 July 2018

Artworks, no more than 30cm in dimension, made by artists working in textiles and fibre in a contemporary form. If you are interested in learning how to make a sculptural felt form you might want to come along to Wollongong Art Gallery workshop.

Wollongong Art Gallery
Sunday 27th May 2018 (12pm to 4pm)
Wool fibres can come in a huge array of inspiring colours. During the felting process wool fibres intermingle with each other causing an exciting and unexpected blending of colours. This class will make a felted vessel that combines the wool colours together. Make your own colourful patterns designs that are embedded within the felt vessel inspired by the artworks in the exhibition at WAG, Chromophilia.

Wollongong Art Gallery IAVA Artists Talk 26th May 2pm.

Michele Elliot and Anita Larkin discuss their respective art practices, and share their experiences of life, artmaking, and contemporary textiles.

March 2018

3 – 24 March, I am showing 2 works Softly Gently, Softly Quietly and The one and the other, in a show called Sanguine. Studio 20/17 Project Space, North Sydney 53 Ridge Street, North Sydney 11 - 5 Tues - Sat  
I am showing work alongside the evocative works of Jenny Pollak. Anchored in the body, the work is thoughtful, incisive and transcendent.

Some objects that I use to make sculpture with are especially evocative and can be strong sites of longing, fear, love, and loss. Objects can harbour memory, history, and associative meaning. This is true wether the object is a collected thing, a substance, or a part of the body.

"Sanguine" has two meanings. It refers to the colour, blood red, and all its associations with the human body and life forces. It can also refer to a person with an optimistic and confident attitude in the face of adversity. 

Also finishing work on a major piece called "memories of wounds received and mended" this work is a "mended" chair, using silk organze and bandaids, shown alongside the pattern pieces for that mending cut from my x-rays. The wounded parts of the chair are gold leaved in the spirit of kintsugi.

January 2018
I have been working on a project that involves the casting in porcelain of the breasts of women who cant have (but want to) have children. These will form part of am installation that I am working on in conjunction with a modified cradle. If you think you or someone you know would like to be a part of this project please get in touch with me.

Bookings are now open for National Art School Summer School courses. 8th to 12th January 2018 I will be teaching a week-long course in Felted Forms in Sculpture. The course explores the medium of wet feltmaking to make sculpture. You can find out more and book here.

September 2017
Starting work on new sculptures this month with some larger collected objects. turning chairs and doors into tables, altering the shape of a cradle so that its mattress forms an arch, and "mending" a dumped chair using silk. So nice to be making without exhibition deadlines at the moment. :)

Started on instagram this month too.  @anita_larkin_sculptor

This month I start teaching 2nd year sculpture students at National Art School. The course will involve students bringing in found objects and looking at ways of reworking them into sculptures. Really looking forward to working with this group, and the National Art School is such an inspiring place too.

Teaching various aspects of Feltmaking continues to be a fun way to travel to new places, and share my knowledge of this ancient but contemporary medium. next stop Geelong Grammar School for TAFTA. Felting and found objects. 
I am planning workshops for next year at the moment. get in touch if you want me to travel to you.

July/August 2017  

Anita Larkin - Reasonable Mayhem
Defiance Gallery 47 Enmore Rd, Newtown
26 July - 24 August 2017
opening on Wednesday 26 July @ 6-8pm

The intrigue of a sculpture is that it exists in the world as an object, but it is also set apart from the world, an object that is alien and new to us. We recognise within sculpture, the fact and the fiction, simultaneously. The reason and the mayhem collude. Reasonable Mayhem is showing at Defiance Gallery, 26 July - 24 August 2017.

Anita Larkin presents a new collection of her sculptures that combine parts of collected objects, felted objects, porcelain renditions of objects and bronze casts of the human body. Objects, (collected objects or parts of the body) have the wonderful ability to conjure up associative memories and emotions.

Some objects are especially evocative and can be strong sites of longing, fear, desire, and loss. Larkin works with ‘substitution objects’ and conjoins them onto other objects in unexpected ways within a conceptual framework. The sculptures that evolve from this playful discordance are part humour and part menace. They are Reasonable Mayhem.

June 2017

This month I am busy finishing works for my solo show at DEFIANCE GALLERY in July. 26 July – 24 August 2017, opening: 26th July 6-8pm. The show is called REASONABLE MAYHEM.

A short film was made by Anne Kempton of me talking about the works in my exhibition at Newcastle. I hope you enjoy hearing the background behind some of the works in the show, and the wonderful medium of felt in sculpture.
The Breath of Felt

THINKERS AND DREAMERS opens on 15th June at STANLEY STREET GALLERY, Darlinghurst. The exhibition is curated by Gary Deirmendjian A handful of contemporary artists show intimately scaled 3D based works. Artists featured: Tom Arthur, Richard Goodwin, Gary Deirmendjian, Akira Kamada, Tunni Kraus, Anita Larkin, Tor Larsen, Leslie Oliver, Jenny Pollak, Caroline Rothwell. 15th June - 8th July.

This month, on until 6th August, you can also catch my giant vacuum cleaner in felt, titled “The wandering breath” at WANGARATTA ART GALLERY for the 2017 WANGARATTA CONTEMPORARY TEXTILE AWARD. 40 contemporary artists working in the medium of textiles have been selected from across Australia for this exhibition. This biennial award is $10,000 and includes the acquisition of the work for the Wangaratta Art Gallery collection.

May 2017

I have a solo show in Newcastle this month and runs until June.

The Breath of Felt - 11th May to 4th June 
Opening Thursday 11th May 6pm
Timeless Textiles Gallery
90 Hunter St, Newcastle

Anita Larkin exhibits a selection of her evocative sculpture featuring felt and found objects. Larkin's work reveals felt to be many things outside of its ordinary domestic association. Felt is used as a way to investigate various objects in the world. Felt is used as symbolic narrative in association with collected objects. Felt is a protective insulation material, for sound and warmth. It is used in housing, in musical instruments and as industrial filters and abrasive pads. Felt is a connection to our ancient nomadic past. Felt is a breath, an eternal but momentary thing connecting us all.
The ordinary object is transformed into something curious and loaded in Larkin’s art practice. The works are familiar yet delightfully strange, made with meticulous attention to detail, and display a witty sense of humour. Works in this exhibition feature things such as: ping-pong bats apparently growing breasts, felted guns, felted hammers, felted teacups, a cradle made from felted female hips joining a baseball glove, and a felt cloth made with sheep and wallaby fibre.

April 2017
The Tinkerage
is a new makers and repairers space at Shellharbour Resource recovery Centre, Dunmore. I will work there Thursday and Friday each week. It is a drop in space with tools and benches for people to repair things, restore things and make things from recycled stuff. I am co-ordinating a program of workshops there in how to fix things, make things, and skills in Tinkering. If you know of anyone who would want to share their tinkering skills get in touch.

March 2017
I am really enjoying making work in my new studio at Warilla. The work I have finished this week is a giant replica of a 1970’s Sanyo vacuum cleaner, entirely stitched in felt. I have called it The Wandering Breath. It has caused quite some interest from people walking by the window of my studio. It has been fun to make and a challenge to work out the shapes I needed in felt. I am continuing to make porcelain objects and constructions for my two solo shows this year. It is a real joy to be making, I love being in the studio.

This month I have taken on a new job as co-ordinator of a new makers space called The Tinkerage at Shellharbour Resource recovery Centre, Dunmore. I will work there two days a week, it is a drop in space with tools and benches for people to repair things, restore things and make things from recycled stuff. It is inside a great revolve centre with lots of found objects directly on hand. Heaven is a place on earth and it’s the Tinkerage!. We will hold workshops there in how to fix things, make things, and skills in Tinkering. It will hopefully also have a kids Tinkerage aspect to it too. It is exciting to be working on this new adventure with Resource Recovery Australia.

Later this month I am off to The Grampians to teach collage and felt sculpture there for a week. Grampians Texture is a great event, and I am looking forward to playing Petanque there again.

January 2017

Happy New Year! I am starting this year in a new studio that is four times the size of the one I have had during the past 10 years. I am excited to be able to spread my wings a bit this year, making some larger works, and finally have all my things and artworks in the one place. I will be teaching one-on-one classes from the studio, as well as making my own works there. 

I have two solo shows this year too, (so I am busy making), one in Newcastle in May and the other at Defiance Gallery in July. “Reasonable Mayhem” will be opening at Defiance Gallery 26 July - 24 August 2017.

This month, teaching sculpture in felt at The National Art School was a great experience, with my students making some interesting forms and exploring felt in the context of contemporary art. I am looking forward to teaching sculpture there again in July - assemblage with collected objects. 

Tamworth Regional Gallery invited me to be ‘artist in residence’ for this months Tamworth Country Music Festival. Buskers everywhere, great music, bush poets, cowboy hats and boots, guitars, and the powerstation museum with the largest collection of lightbulbs in Australia. I will make an artwork from these experiences that will become part of the gallery’s collection. As a collector of lightbulbs myself, I was so happy to see the powerstation's collection. 

November 2016
Showing some new work in HOLDING at Newcastle Regional Gallery opening on 26th November, and on until 5th Feb 2017. 25 Australian and International fibre artists are included in the show, making work in response to the subject "holding"

Also showing new work this month in BELONGING at Project Contemporary Art Space, Wollongong, 2nd - 13th November. ‘Belonging’ is the latest contemporary art show by members of The Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts (IAVA). Picturing unity and diversity in co-existence, 21 artists’ invite the questions; what does it mean and how does it feel to belong? Is it a fundamental human need to belong? Can we exist without belonging?

At Defiance Gallery 11 - 22 December - STEP UP TO THE PLATE
A group exhibition of painted ceramic plates of 30cm diameter. Artists are: Tim Allen, Gemma Avery, Glen Barkley, Stephen Bird, Michael Buzacott, Lucy Culliton, Elisabeth Cummings, Ivor Fabok, Annalisa Ferraris, Sioux Garside, Helen Gauchat, Peter Godwin, Paul Higgs, Matilda Julian, Dan Kyle, Anita Larkin, Euan Macleod, Guy Maestri, Robert Malherbe, Angus Nivison, Lucy O’Doherty, Renata Pari Lewis, Charmaine Pike, Peter Powditch , James Rogers, Tony Slater, Dave Teer, Ann Thomson

October 2016
Glasshouse Gallery in Port Macquarie
is the last venue for the 2-year tour of Tamworth Textile Triennial, in which I have a work included. I will be talking about my work in the exhibition and my art practice in general on Thursday 20 October, 5.30pm. The exhibition closes there in 30th October.

Borne: Conversations on sculpture and the body opens this month at Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney and continues till 29th October. I have made several works for this show. Curated by Margarita Sampson, the exhibition asks artists best-known for their sculptural work to make a piece of work suitable to be worn on the body. At what point does sculpture become jewellery? Is it just a question of application or scale? How can the body animate work? How can sculpture respond to the body?

I am working on some things this month that will, I think, be part of my solo show next year at Defiance Gallery, Sydney. The new works incorporate porcelain press moulded shapes, co-joined onto old collected objects. The contrast between the chalky white ceramic and the worn out surface of the sporting objects is beautiful, and I am enjoying the making very much. This solo show is titled Reasonable Mayhem and will be opening 26 July - 19 August 2017. 

September 2016

I am teaching sculpture and feltmaking in Scotland, The Netherlands, and Germany for 4 weeks. In between teaching jobs I will be exploring parts of these countries, meeting like-minded creative people, visiting museums and galleries, and enjoying new environments. It will be very inspiring!

My work “The best recitations for ladies” has been selected for the Meroogal Womens Art Prize. Meroogal is a 'Carpenter Gothic' style house in Nowra that was home to four generations of women. Artists are invited to create works that respond to the house, the garden and the collection of objects that are found in the house, throwing new light on the personal stories of the people who lived there. The exhibition will open Saturday 24 September 2016 and continue until Saturday 28 January 2017.

At the beginning of October I will be showing work alongside 25 other sculptors who have made work for the body. Borne: Conversations on Sculpture & the Body will show from 5th October at Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney. I am finishing the pieces for this show, they are looking interesting so far, combining found objects and felt. I will exhibit a felt object that provides extra pockets for a business shirt, felted reading glasses, a piano damper ring, and a slingshot/necklace with bullet people in bronze. It will be interesting to see what the other sculptors make. 

August 2016
I am heading to Scotland, The Netherlands, and Germany for teaching toward the end of this month and will be back in Australia at the end of September. I am looking forward to the opportunity to share with my students some of my ideas and skills in sculpture and feltmaking, and also to have the chance to see some of the wonderful galleries and museums Europe has to offer.

I have started working casually as part of the exhibition installation team at Wollongong Art Gallery. I will be helping install the exhibitions there for other artists, and it will be interesting to see how other artists install their works, and work with space and light. You can still catch my three metre long musical instrument at Wollongong Art Gallery until 28th August before it moves onto its last venue at Port Macquarie.

I have three works on show at The Gallery at 98 Railway St Corrimal from August 11 – 25. The show is titled Borne, and asks each of the artists in the show to respond to the moment of becoming a mother. One of the works I have made is a set of porcelain ping-pong bats, the handles are felted, and one bat is growing a breast. “Rally” is the first of my works I have exhibited using my new skills in casting porcelain objects.

July 2016

I have had the pleasure of teaching sculpture again at The National Art School. The school is an amazing place, with artists studying there since 1922, the buildings have a palpable sense of creativity and history. My students this time were learning about making sculpture using collected objects, and developed some interesting works.

I have now completed the public art project for the front of Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre, and the community there have had a great response to it. I worked with the community there to make relief images in clay tiles that were then attached to the front segment of a solid concrete shape of three entwined human figures. Making the concrete form was an interesting process, and I worked with Obnova Concrete Constructions for that part of the project. Working at their factory was an interesting experience with concrete being cast there on a very large scale for public bridges, seats, and sound barriers. The shape for Bellambi was modelled working the concrete more directly on top of a plywood cut-out. This project was commissioned by Wollongong City Council.

This month I am preparing for my travel to Europe in August, I will be teaching feltmaking skills in sculptural forms. I will go to Scotland, Germany, The Netherlands, and Italy. Here is an interview about the element of felt in my sculpture practice, and why I find it so interesting.

I have been making work for an exhibition called “Borne”. Curated by Amy Cuneo, Clare Thackway and Mignon Steele, it will show at The Gallery at Big Fat Smile, in Corrimal. The exhibition runs 11 August -25th August. Artists are asked to respond in their medium of choice, to the pivotal moment in a woman’s life – the birth of a child. The experience is deeply personal and yet shared among many. The show asks artists to reach into that moment in time where we linger on the edge of all things, between being one and then two beings. I am working on modelling female pelvis in clay co-joined with collected objects. The shrinkage rate of porcelain in drying and firing is proving tricky to accommodate. I will keep experimenting and making as the image I have in my head of these works are dynamic, and I am excited to see them come to life.

June 2016

Tamworth Regional Gallery have purchased my 3 metre long musical instrument, The Breath Between Us, for their permanent collection. I am so pleased that it will have a good home, and that I now don’t have to store it, as it is a large crate! It also gives me funds to continue making more of my ideas. It is on exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery until 28th August.

The public art mural for the Berkeley community is now finished. It is 10 metres long, and is situated in Winnima Way, Berkeley. The design was composed using the drawings and ideas of students from four schools in the area, and community groups. The mural was then painted on alupanels by those groups over a 3 month period. This has been a long project and I am happy with how it has turned out, it was also a chance to meet more of the wonderful community of Berkeley, and hear their stories.

You can catch some of my works that are on a small scale in the exhibition, Petite – Miniature Textiles, at Wangaratta Art Gallery until 17th July.

May 2016
I am busy this month continuing working on two community/public art projects for Wollongong City Council. They are both due to be installed in June, so it is full steam ahead now for these projects.

The first project is a 10 metre long mural for the township of Berkeley. The mural has been designed and is now being painted by students from 4 local schools and community groups. It will be situated in Winnima Way, Berkeley, across from the Boat Seats we installed there last year.

The second project is a placemarker for the front of Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre. It will involve the community there, making clay tiles for the front segment of a solid concrete sculpture. The sculptural form suggests, nature, people, family, and home.

My artwork “the breath between us” will feature in the exhibition “Group Exchange” at Wollongong Art Gallery, opening on 28th May to 28th August. There will be a curators talk by Ceceilia Heffer, followed by performance of the 3 metre long instrument on 1st June at 11am – 12:30pm.

In conjunction with this exhibition I will be teaching a felt and found objects workshop at Wollongong Art Gallery on 4/5th June.

This month I am teaching felt workshops and sculpture from found objects workshops in Tuncurry, Melbourne, Robertson and The University of Technology in Sydney. Check out my workshops page for details. More workshops are happening in June and July and then I am off to Europe teaching in August.

APRIL 2016

I am now teaching at THE NATIONAL ART SCHOOL in Sydney. It is an inspiring place, and also has a fantastic library which I have been taking advantage of! I am teaching first year students at the school; modelling the figure in clay. The human figure is endlessly challenging and intriguing as my students are discovering.

THE BLAKE PRIZE closes on 24th April, an exhibition of contemporary artworks exploring themes of faith, spirituality, humanity and social justice. My work "The breath within me" is showing there. Opening 13 February - 24 April at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Sydney. This month I am also showing some of my work along with Linda Bowden’s sculptures at CLARA STREET GALLERY and will be teaching a collected object sculpture workshop there at the TOM BASS SCULPTURE STUDIO. Details listed on my workshops page. Also teaching this course at SYDNEY ART SCHOOL, in Mona Vale.

In my own making, I am continuing to make moulds of some of my collected objects in preparation for casting them in clay, and have also been modelling some porcelain ears to join onto other objects. Finally, I have finished the stitching of the baseball glove inside out, it is interesting to see the markings and inner workings of such an object. Baseball gloves are very well crafted to withstand a high degree of stress when the ball hits the glove. I have enjoyed finding out more about how these are made. This particular glove was made in the Philippines, and I have had the Philippine 50 dollar note printed onto textiles to include in parts of this work. There is also, of course, felt padding inside a baseball glove, and I have remade these shapes in handmade felt. I have learnt a lot about baseball gloves over the past two months.


MARCH 2016

I am very pleased to receive a CREATIVE INDIVIDUALS CAREER FUND GRANT through the COPYRIGHT AGENCY. This grant will allow me to fund learning of slip-casting in porcelain along with complex mould making of parts of the human body and found objects. I have wanted to expand my practice with these skills for many years. I am excited to see where this will take my work over the next year.

STUCK TOGETHER 2016 opens this month with some of my new works at DEFIANCE GALLERY, Newtown. 9 March – 2 April 2016 STUCK TOGETHER is a microcosm of contemporary collage and assemblage, bringing together works from a wide variety of artists who are experimenting with the possibilities of this constructive and beguiling form. Artists exhibiting: ANN THOMSON, PETER POWDITCH, ROY JACKSON, PETER GODWIN, IVOR FABOK, PAUL HIGGS, DAVE TEER, HELEN GAUCHAT, ANITA LARKIN, RENATA PARI-LEWIS, PAMELA COWPER, JOHN PEART and PAUL SELWOOD.


THE BLAKE PRIZE is an exhibition of contemporary artworks exploring themes of faith, spirituality, humanity and social justice. My work "The breath within me" will be showing this month in the Blake Prize. Opening 13 February - 24 April at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Sydney.

CASULA POWERHOUSE ARTS CENTRE is a dynamic art space, with its industrial surfaces left open within the gallery spaces, it also has a cafe and alongside the building there is a walking path along the Georges River. Go visit, there will be 84 contemporary artists showing there works concerning faith, spirituality, religion, hope, humanity, social justice, belief and non-belief.

SCULPTURE 2016 BRONZE: opened on 29th January and finishes on 18th February at BRENDA MAY GALLERY, Danks St, Sydney

I am looking forward to visiting WANGARATTA ART GALLERY later this month, to do an artists talk there about my art practice, and to teach a sculpture workshop with found objects in conjunction with my work showing there until 13th March.

The artist's talk is Wednesday 24 February 10:30am. Seating is limited so if you want to come book by phone

03 5722 0761.
"Anita Larkin will discuss her art practice, with some images of her sculptures. Larkin creates conceptual work using collected objects, felted wool, and casts of the human body. The resulting sculptural forms are at once familiar yet strangely unsettling. The artist will also discuss her work in the 2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial, a 3 metre long collaborative musical instrument titled “the breath between us”.


I have been teaching sculpture in the medium of felt at The National Art School in Sydney this January. NAS is an amazing place, full of fascinating history, dedicated staff, and lots of creative people. It made me wish I was a student there. The library is full of so many books on art and sculpture. I gave a lecture about felt's cutural history and then how many contemporary artists have used it in their making of artworks.

I have updated my workshops page for the first half of 2016. Have a look if you are interested in learning skills in sculpture and/or feltmaking.

On January 29th, "Bronze 2016" will open at Brenda May Gallery with 2 of my works on show alongside other artists working in the alluring medium of bronze. This exhibition aims to portray the differing ways contemporary artists manipulate bronze within their sculptural practices. It will be showing till 28th February at Brenda May Gallery, 2 Danks St, Waterloo


I am very pleased to have had my work "The breath within me" selected for the 64th Blake Prize. It will be showing 13 Febuary - 24 April 2016, at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Sydney. The Blake Prize is an exhibition of contemporary artworks exploring themes of faith, spirituality, humanity and social justice.

This month you can catch some of my new works at The Secret Within. This will be an exhibition full of humour, playfulness, and encourage the viewers curiosity, with the works containing hidden parts, things revealed or concealed. The exhibition is the work of seven artists; Lorna Crane, Janette Loughrey, Sue Buckton, Anita Larkin, Kathryn Orton, Liz Jeneid and Lucia Parrella. Opening by Dr. Janine Sager on 11th December at 6pm, at Red Point Gallery, Port Kembla. 11th – 20th December 2015.

January 28 will see two of my bronze works showing till 28th February at Brenda May Gallery, 2 Danks St, Waterloo


Sculptural Felt International finishes at Wollongong Art Gallery on 29th of November. I will then be wrapping and packing all the works and shipping them back to The Netherlands. There has been a wonderful response to the works in the show. There are still copies of the full colour catalogue, if you want one let me know $15 AUD.

Planning for teaching workshops in felt and sculpture for next year, and I have listed the first half of 2016 on my workshops page. Check it out if your looking to learn feltmaking skills or sculpture with collected objects. Also planning to travel and teach again in Germany and The Netherlands in August/September 2016. It will be great to visit my felting friends there again.

Here is a talk I gave about my artwork at The Woollahra Sculpture Prize last month.

I am making works now for an exhibition called The Secret Within. It is an interesting theme to make works to. This will be an exhibition full of humour, playfulness, and encourage the viewers curiosity, with the works containing hidden parts, things revealed or concealed. One of my works is about the endangered Eastern Ground Parrot. There is a reserve for them at Barren Grounds at the top of Jamberoo Mountain. I held one once while it was being tagged for research by a scientist there, an amazing, beautiful bird. The Secret Within will be opened next month by Dr. Janine Sager on 11th December at 6pm, at Red Point Gallery 100 Wentworth Street, Port Kembla.


The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize opens on 10th October until 25th October, and features freestanding sculptures up to 80cm in any dimension.

My entry "Cricket Balls" features hand moulded leather and bronze casts of my breast co-joined with cricket balls. I have learned a lot about how cricket balls are made in the process of making these 5 works. Also fetured is a cricket ball gathering grass in its seam, and one half felted. Cricket has some interesting terminology, and the works are titled accordingly. Half Volley, Mully grubber, Beamer, Bouncer, and Cherry. 701 entries from Australian and international artists were received and 43 finalists' works were chosen to be exhibited at the historic Woollahra Council Chambers in Double Bay, Sydney.

Have a look at the sculptures by the finalists at the link below. You can also vote for your favourite work.

Several artists, including myself, will be giving talks on Saturday 10 October, 2-4pm. Bookings are essential, call 9391 7135 or email

You can also catch some of my miniature sculptures at Defiance Gallery until 24th October. See these at

This month I am teaching a workshop "Felted Sculptural Forms" at Wollongong Art Gallery, 24/25th October. This workshop is held in conjunction with the Sculptural Felt International exhibition on at the gallery until 29th November.


I have now returned from teaching and travelling in USA, having met some great people, and feeling inspired have a renewed energy for making. I have been working on the small scale of just 6 inches, creating a series of little sculptures for the 20th Defiance Gallery Miniature Sculpture show that opens on 23rd September and finishes 24th October. See these at

I have been organising the touring of an exhibition in Australia from the Netherlands. Sculptural Felt International opened on 4th September at Wollongong Art Gallery. The exhibition involves 12 artists, myself included, who cross disciplines in their felt in some way, and look at the sculptural potential of this medium. It will be showing at Wollongong until 29th November. I will be doing an artists talk at the gallery at 12pm on 18th September, maybe see you there if you are nearby.

I have been teaching some feltmaking workshops to groups in Wollongong preparing for the Viva la Gong parade in November. One of the groups is Chinese women who have been a joy to meet, worked hard on making their felt, and shared some of their culture with me, I have learned that there is in their culture a negative meaning to wearing a green hat!

Also teaching two sculpture workshops this month, and starting to plan for my teaching schedule next year. If you would like me to travel to you to share my skills with your group please get in touch with me. I have been invited back to USA in 2017, so am starting to plan for that too, even though it is a while away.

This month I have been asked to judge the Ripe Sculpture Exhibition at Cuppitt’s Winery in Ulludulla. It is opening on 20th September.


The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize announced 43 finalists for the 2015 Prize. They were selected from a record number of 701 entries received this year, and I have had my modified cricket balls chosen! You can catch the exhibition in October.

Defiance Gallery, with whom I am represented, celebrates 20 years as a gallery this month with an exhibition of works by all of its artists. This is an amazing achievement for a gallery in Sydney. Exhibition runs until 22 August.

If you are in S.A you can see and hear my 3 metre long felted musical instrument at Port Pirie Regional Gallery from 22nd August to 4th October.

I will be travelling in USA for the first time, taking 4 weeks for some teaching at The Felters Fling in Massachusetts and also workshops in Washington and Connecticut. I will have a week in New York visiting museums and galleries, it should be an inspiring trip, and I am really looking forward to it.

Also this month I am working on designing the festival t-shirt for the next HONK! festival. HONK! is a community driven street event where the music is acoustic and mobile. It will be on in Wollongong 8-10th January 2016. Check out

JULY 2015

I have enjoyed teaching a sculpture course at the National Art School in Darlinghurst. The school has had a refurbishment and facilities are excellent in the sculpture department, some great people there too. Each of my students was asked to bring to the class their own found objects. The objects bought along were challenging and intriguing and provided very interesting material with which to make sculpture. It was interesting to see the works develop over the week. Students learnt different ways to make constructed sculptures, considered conceptual aspects of their works, and took a peak into the world of object sculpture. I also discovered, much to my delight, that the library there has a great collection of books on sculpture.

Defiance Gallery is celebrating 20 years as a gallery this month, with a group show of all its represented artists. I will have my work included in this show. There are many artists work that I admire going to be included in the show, should be a good exhibition. It opens on 29th July.

The Boat Seats for Berkeley commissioned by Wollongong City Council have been completed. The 3.6 metre long concrete and mosaic boats are now situated in the pedestrian strip linking Winnima Way, in Berkeley. With this project completed, I am feeling lighter and more able to work on the making of my own projects. I have some interesting collected objects to work with that have been patiently waiting for me…

You can catch some of my work in the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award 2015 until 26th July.

Wangaratta Art Gallery WCTA features 47 artists working in the medium of textiles in a contemporary way.

JUNE 2015

This month I am working hard to complete a Community Art Project in Berkeley. I have designed seats in the shapes of large 3.6 metre long boats with mosaic designs in the top of them. I have been working with school groups and community groups to make the mosaic parts. The boat seats will be installed at the end of the month at Winnima Way, Berkeley, NSW. I am looking forward to this project being completed and getting back to more making of my own work during July.

Sculptural Felt International opens this month in Australia at Tamworth Regional Gallery on Friday 12th June at 6pm. I am proud to have been able to bring this stunning exhibition to Australia, and have four of my works included amongst the works of 12 other artists from 6 different countries.

Also this month I am showing bronze works in an exhibition called “Close to home" at Clifton School of Arts, Southern end of Sea Cliff Bridge, Clifton. 5th – 14th June

I have had one of my works chosen for the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award 2015 on show at Wangaratta Art Gallery 13th June – 26th July WCTA features artists working in the medium of textiles. The contemporary works of 47 artists are showing with one being awarded the $10,000 prize, judged by Senior Curator of Textiles at the National Gallery of Victoria, Katie Somerville.

I am doing more teaching this month too. Feltmaking at Tamworth Regional Gallery, and Bowral District Art Gallery, as well as later in the month at the National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney 29 June – 3rd July 2015

MAY 2015

Its finally arrived! The opening of my solo show at Defiance Gallery. I am exhibiting 22 artworks and a new body of sculptures and collage. DEFIANCE GALLERY is at 47 Enmore Rd, Newtown Opening 6th to 30th May 2015. Have a look at some of the works in the show at

Caroline Baum and Ashley Frost have made a short film about my new body of work in my solo show. Titled "The breath within" the exhibition features the ordinary object transformed into something beguiling and loaded. You can view the film here.

Now showing at UTS Gallery until15th May is Group Exchange. Gina Fairley has written about the exhibition, you can read her review of the current trends in textile art here.

Also doing some teaching at Mt Kembla this month– Collected Object Sculpture for 5 days. Have a look at the workshops page if you are interested. By the way I am starting a newsletter for my workshops and news. If you want to get on the mailing list send me a message. You can choose to subscribe to “exhibitions and news” “felt workshops” or “sculpture workshops” or all three if you like!

I have been working on starting a public art project for Wollongong City Council at Berkeley, making 3 boat shaped seats for an area there. It is due for completion end of June, so I full steam ahead with that project now…

April 2015

Happy International Sculpture Day for the 24th!

This month my 3 metre long felted collaborative instrument will be showing in Sydney at UTS Gallery opening on 14th April, with a performance on the instrument by members of The Australian Quartet.

You can view here a short film of these musicians playing the instrument at UTS opening. The piece of music was written by Huw Belling for the instrument and the breath provided played by the multitalented Jack Symonds. The Australia Piano Quartet are amazing!

In conjunction with the exhibition I will be teaching the UTS students some feltmaking workshops, which I am very much looking forward to seeing where these textile students will take the skills I share with them.

Also toward the end of the month I am teaching 65 primary school children puppet making for the lead up to Kidsfest. These will be made of cardboard, odd socks, and recylced materials. I am looking forward to seeing their creations.

I have now nearly finished all my works for my solo show at Defiance Gallery. I have been having fun modifying cricket balls. Come and see the show and find out what I did with them!

DEFIANCE GALLERY 47 Enmore Rd, Newtown

6th to 30th May 2015

Preview 11am - 2pm Sunday 2 May

Opening night 6-8pm Wednesday 6 May.

Anita Larkin exhibits a full new body of work in this exhibition of sculptures and collage. Titled "The breath within" it features the ordinary object transformed into something beguiling and loaded. There is intentional and playful disruption of the familiar and the everyday within this exhibition, with works made using bronze, felt, and collected objects.

March 2015

This month you can see some of my work at the following places:

Gosford Regional Gallery 36 Webb St, Gosford NSW 10 January – 22nd March 2015, The 2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial will exhibit my 3 metre long felted collaborative instrument.

Museum de Kantfabriek, The Netherlands
 Americaanseweg 8
5961 GP Horst, Netherlands 18th January - 12th April 2015 Sculptural Felt International features four of my collected object and felt sculptures.

Hanging Space Gallery Shop 1, 409-411 Princes Highway, Woonona. The Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts exhibition featuring three sculptures and a collage of mine. “Underpinning“ 2nd Feb- 28th March 2015

Clara Street Gallery 1A Clara Street, Erskineville "Pieces of Eight" features eight women sculptors who have an association with the Tom Bass Studio. 5th March – 1st April 2015

Lots of teaching coming up soon - both Sculpture from found objects, and feltmaking ones too, check out the workshops page for details, and a solo show at Defiance Gallery in May.


This will be my last month as President of IAVA (The Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts) It has been a good experience to be part of the guiding team for this 40 member professional artist group. You can see some of our members work on our new website at

I have enjoyed being a part of the creative team for The Illawarra Folk Festival in Bulli this month. I made signs, props, and decorated venues, I also made the design for the 30th anniversary t-shirt and tea-towel for the festival. I enjoyed the process of altering my original drawings by working with graphic designer Pedro Altuna. The process of coming up with the final design was much like the process of collage, which is already a part of my practice using collected ephemera. I enjoy the odd juxtapositions of images, and the spontaneity in making collage. I have posted some images on my facebook page

Sculptural Felt International featuring some of my work amongst 11 other artists, opens this month at Museum de Kantfabriek in Horst, in The Netherlands. It is wonderful to have this show sitting in the context of a textile museum. I am looking forward to bringing this show to two venues in Australia this year. woohoo!

This month I am teaching a 3 day collected object sculpture workshop, at the Tom Bass Sculpture School in Erskinville. Looking forward to seeing what the students come up with, and sharing my skills with them. If you are interested in taking a class there are more workshops listed on my workshops page.

Tamworth Textile Triennial is now open at Gosford Regional Art Gallery , and features my 3 metre long collaborative instrument.

It is exciting to be now working solidly on a whole new body of work for my solo show at Defiance Gallery in May. Full steam ahead!


I have completed a short 6 minute film about the making of my sculpture “the breath between us”. It is a three metre long collaborative musical instrument. Parts of it are felted. It takes three people to play it. You can watch the film and hear it’s sound here:

I am now planning more teaching for next year starting the year with a collected object sculpture workshop at Tom Bass Sculpture Studio in Sydney January 23/24/25. Also teaching Feltmaking workshops in various places. Check out the workshops page for details. If you have a group near you who are interested in having me travel to them to teach either sculpture or feltmaking please get in touch. Also excited to be going to USA for my first time next year in August. 7th Felters’ Fling 2015 Snow Farm, Williamsburg, Massachusetts USA

December is a time for reflection. It has been a wonderful year, with exhibitions, Sculptural Felt International, Tamworth Textile Triennial, The Blake Prize. Travelling to The Netherlands for my exhibition and teaching there and in Germany. I am planning now to return to Europe in 2016. Also been busy as President of the Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts. IAVA

I have begun working more steadily towards a solo show at Defiance Gallery in May next year. I have been collaborating with a master glass blower to create a glass ‘breath’ that is the same dimensions as my chest cavity. so very excited about the works I am making for this big show in May. Hope you can make it to see it!


I am delighted to have my textile sculptures published in the book Textile Art around the World – published by Textile-link of The Netherlands.

This month I am enjoying working on a few commissions. One commission is to make a small scale sculpture to be used for a trophy in a Farr 40 regatta. Farr 40 is very much like the “Ferrari ‘ of the seas, a yacht built for speed, elegant in shape. In this commission I have used some actual boating fixtures, and joined the front of the boat hull to the back half of a toy Ferrari. The main sail is cast Aluminium.

Anther job is to design a t-shirt for The Illawarra Folk Festival. The design for the shirt involves a girl uni-cycling balancing a guitar/trumpet/accordion. I look forward to seeing it in print. This is a new experience for me, Thanks to Pedro Altuna of Milk Bar Studios for his help with this.

The Defiance Gallery 6 inch Miniature Sculpture Show, in which I have three works, is running until 22 November.


I have made three new works for the Defiance Gallery 6 inch Miniature Sculpture Show. Opening on 22 October and is running until 22 November 2014. This exhibition has been an annual event for me for the past 14 years. It is a delight and a challenge making a sculpture to a size of less than six inches. The exhibition features the works of over 80 artists, making it a microcosm of contemporary Australian sculpture.

I am working now towards my solo show next year with Defiance Gallery that will be in May 2015. I am making a whole new series of works for this exhibition, using collected objects in unexpected juxtapositions, and casting parts of the human body in aluminium. I am also including some collages from collected ephemera, pictures from books, carefully cut out, and interconnected into new Dadaist pictures. It is exciting to be now working on a whole new body of work for Defiance Gallery.


I have spent a month teaching sculpture in felt through Germany and The Netherlands. During this time I have travelled to Nagele in The Netherlands to assist in the installation of the exhibition Sculptural Felt International. The opening of this exhibition, in which I have four works featured, was very well received, with an interesting opening speech from a representative of The Australian Embassy, commenting on how he perceives Australian artists to be innovative. It made me wonder (at an objective distance of 23 flying hours from Australia), wether my work had some Australian character about it….and what would be such a thing if I could recognise it?

I now have here full colour catalogues for sale, featuring all the works in the show, including statements from the 12 artists of 6 different countries, all using felt in a different sculptural way. Contact me if you would like to purchase a catalogue. ($15 Aus + postage.)

In my travels I was lucky enough to visit the Kroller Muller Sculpture Park and Museum. I rode the free bikes through the forest, and landed in the most wonderful sculpture park, discovering works there that were inspiring. Highly recommended. I am planning to return to Germany and The Netherlands in 2016.

I am now allowed to announce that I will be lucky enough to teach next year at the Felters Fling in Masachussets USA. Really looking forward to that trip and to meeting more wonderful artists and feltmakers. details of the workshops I will be teaching on my workshops page.

Miniature works are occupying my mind as I work on a few pieces now that have a size limit of 6 inches. Each year about this time I work towards the annual Defiance Gallery Miniature Sculpture show. It is a challenge to create a little work that speaks louder than its size, or envelopes the viewer in an intimate embrace, drawing the person in to see tiny details that otherwise would be dismissed on a larger work. Opening on 22nd October.

If you are in Tasmania you can catch one of my works in The Blake Prize. At the Schoolhouse Gallery, Rosny Park, Tasmania: 29th August–12th October 2014


The Tamworth Textile Triennial opens this month on 15th August at Tamworth Regional Gallery. I have made for this exhibition a three metre long collaborative musical instrument from found objects and felt. It will be played at the opening and hopefully at each venue it tours to.

The 2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial follows a rich cultural heritage in the promotion of textile practice and excellence in Australia. Cecilia Heffer, guest curator, has selected twenty-two artists from around Australia to explore the theme of collaboration. For my work I wanted to make the artwork itself a collaborative thing – and so it seemed perfect to use the idea I had had for along time to make a musical instrument that required collaboration of three people to play a composition written for it. Thanks to Mark Holder Keeping and Richard Robinson this idea is now a reality! After the show in Tamworth the exhibition will travel for two years around Australia to various galleries. Check out my exhibitions page for a list of the nine gallery venues and their dates.

I have taken a film of the making of this artwork over the past year and a half, and am currently editing it. Should be finished soon I hope, and then I will post it here.

I have the pleasure of teaching a class at Wollongong Art Gallery this month in which students were using found objects to create a sculpture inside a box. Working within the confines of a frame is interesting and presents its own particular challenges, it also allows the artist to bring the viewer closer to a work as we all still have an element of that child within us that is curious about what is inside a box, whatever that box might be.

I visited Newcastle this month, to Timeless Textiles, to teach a three-day workshop in using resists in feltmaking, stacking them in different ways to create intriguing multi-chambered vessels. We had a lot of fun.

I am now turning my attention to Germany as I teach there toward the end of the month. Germany, the home of Joseph Beuys, it will be so inspiring, and interesting to travel there and make felt sculptures with the artists there. You can find course details for Germany and Netherlands workshops on my workshops page.

JULY 2014

A selection of my work has been chosen for publication in a forthcoming book titled Textile Art around the World – published by Textile-link, it will be printed in the European Autumn this year. 160 artists were chosen for this book from a staggering 15,000 images!

This month I have work showing at Defiance Gallery “ Off the wall” features works by gallery artists who engage in a sculptural way with the wall. On until 26th July.

I am finishing off packing and making crates for shipping my works to The Netherlands for Sculptural Felt International. Also sending work to Tamworth Regional Gallery for the Textile Triennial. I can highly recommend T.E.D. fine art for making crates for tricky multiple part sculptures.

Louise Croker has made a short film and interview of me about my art practice. You can watch that here.

JUNE 2014

This month I have a lot going on, as well as making crates for shipping some works to The Netherlands, and some more teaching: Assemblage – Sculpture with Found Objects for 5 days at Mt Kembla, and am also preparing for teaching a 5 day workshop in Sculptural Felt Forms at Ballarat FELT @ the Winter School - Fibre Arts Australia 2nd – 7th JULY. Details of these classes on the workshops page.

I have had the pleasure of having two works of mine selected for the Miniature Textiles Exhibition - Petite - at Wangaratta Art Gallery in Victoria. It will be on show 14th June – 27th July. 

I will also have work in a show at Wollongong Art Gallery from 31st May – until 24th August. Make it Sew contains assemblage works by David Bowers, Frederick Braat, Alison Clousten, Tony Convey, John Davis, Bert Flugelman, Rosalie Gascoigne, Ian Gentle, Peter Hardy, Ian Howlett, Anita Larkin, Derry Messum, Susan O'Doherty, Peter O'Brien, Tom Risley, Tony Twigg. I will be giving an artist’s talk at the gallery with Derry Messum and Peter O'Brien on 12th June: 12:30 - 1:30pm Cnr Kembla and Burelli Streets, Wollongong, Australia

Also this month I am showing some collage works at Defiance Gallery on 4th June – until 28th June. Opening night wed. 4th June 6pm. “Stuck Together” is an exhibition of collage and assemblage. Including works by Roy Jackson, Jonathan Christie, Paul Higgs, John Peart, Dave Teer, Ivor Fabok, Roy Jackson, Ulvi Haagensen, Anita Larkin and many more. 47 Enmore Rd, Newtown Sydney Australia

Here is an article published in June issue of Felt Matters about Sculptural Felt International.

MAY 2014

I have been having fun making new collages, carefully cutting pictures from books, and re-working them back into each other to create surrealist narratives. I will be showing some of these collages at Defiance Gallery next month, and I will be showing some at Studio 19 in Wollongong. The works on paper show at Studio 19 will be on from 30th April - 17th May. Opening night will be Friday 2nd May from 6pm - 8pm.

Also during this month I will have the pleasure of teaching 200 children how to make sculptures using wood and found objects. These workshops will be in conjunction with Kidsfest Shellharbour. I was given an old inside of a piano, and have taken each little hinged joint apart for the children to use in their imaginary sculptural vehicles. Piano’s do have such intriguing parts to them.

APRIL 2014

I have just finished teaching workshops at Context Art Forum in The Blue Mountains. It was wonderful to meet up with so many creative textile artists. My students enjoyed their classes in felting with found objects and experimenting with resists for sculptural felted forms. Some very interesting shapes and sculptures were made.

My exhibition at Matthew Gillette Gallery in Scarborough continues until the 25th of May. The Gallery is located at The Scarborough Hotel, 383 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Scarborough, NSW. It is a stunning location atop the cliff directly overlooking the sea and does great food too. I am showing works alongside three painters there: Zoltan Koteczky, Bob McRae, and Justin Pearson.

I have finished my felted musical instrument. It is 3 metres long, with three musicians required to play it. It makes sound, and now I need to tune it, by cutting and adding in more pipes. Each joint needs to be airtight and I have lined the felted bladder parts with rubberised fabric. I then will be making a short film recording a piece of music composed for the instrument by Mark Holder-Keeping. I am very much looking forward to finishing (and hearing) this project.

Also at the end of this month I will be showing some new collages at Studio 19 in Wollongong. The works on paper show will be on from 30th April - 17th May. Opening night will be Friday 2nd May from 6pm - 8pm.

MARCH 2014

Opening on 20th March at 6pm and running until 25th May, I have sculptural works in an exhibition at Matthew Gillett Gallery in Scarborough. The Gallery is located at The Scarborough Hotel, 383 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Scarborough, NSW. It is a stunning location atop the cliff directly overlooking the sea. I am showing works alongside three other artists there: Zoltan Koteczky, Bob McRae, and Justin Pearson.

Tortuga Studios, 31 Princes Highway, ST Peters, Sydney, will be featuring some contemporary artworks by artists from The Illawarra, and I will be showing a few works there in the exhibition. Should be a great show. There are a lot of innovative artists in The Illawarra Region. Jasmin Carter (one of these innovative artists) is curating.The show opens 28th March until 5th April 2014.

I have now finished a fourth work for Sculptural Felt International These works combine handmade felt and found objects, and have included a lot of hand stitching on sections. The stitching adds an interesting tactile and human element to the works. With these four works completed now, I am working toward completing my work for The Tamworth Textile Triennial later in the year, for which I am making a working instrument that is about 3 metres long, and takes three people to play it. Collaboration is the theme. Having now learnt soft soldering, I am making sure all the joints are airtight, to make the sound travel well inside the instrument.

I am pleased to have a feature article on my art practice in The International Feltmakers magazine this month.

For those of you interested in courses, I am teaching at The ContextArt Forum in early April in the Bue Mountains – have a look at the workshops page for details.


Happy New Year!

I am searching the trash markets and tips for little wheels, old leather items, and curved pieces of wood. I found a pile of broken chairs that are great shapes. I am keeping my eye out for little things on the ground too as I walk my son to kindergarten!

Defiance Gallery has an open day at THE GATE GALLERY

Please join us for drinks to view the new exhibition
on SUNDAY 9TH FEBRUARY 10.00 - 4.00 The Gate Gallery 2480 Wollombi Road Wollombi NSW.

Studio 19 in Wollongong is featuring a self-portrait exhibition with a group show in which I have made a new work. The work titled Resonance is built directly into the wall with a cast of my face and found objects. I am looking forward to exploring this idea further of building sculptures into the wall directly. They are quite time consuming to install but well worth it. I am teaching evening sculpture classes at Studio 19 beginning this month. The class at Wollongong Art Gallery during January went very well, with students making assemblages from their own found objects. There are more workshops planned for 2014, they are listed on the workshops page. More are in the planning.

I have now finished three new works for Sculptural Felt International and am please with how they have come along. All three explore fertility, motherhood, and childhood using found objects and felt. I have been felting and stitching around a female pelvis as part of these works. I am also moving on to making works for Group Exchange, the 2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial curated by Cecilia Heffer. It will be on show 16 August until 18 October 2014. The theme is collaboration, and I am collaborating with a musician, Mark Holder-Keeping for this work.

Also am making new works for a show at Matthew Gillette Gallery at Scarborough that will be opening 20th March. So quite busy making at the moment…


This month the annual 6-inch miniature sculpture exhibition opens at Defiance Gallery in Newtown. For the past 13 years I have been making sculptures from found objects within the limit of 6 inches in size. It is a challenge to make a successful work that defies its size. It is a challenge I enjoy, as do the other sculptors regularly included in this intriguing show. There are about 100 sculptures in this exhibition on 13 November – 14 December.

Also recently have had work selected for The Blake Prize touring exhibition, it will tour various galleries around Australia during 2014.

I am busy again making, for two shows next year, felt and found object works for Sculptural Felt International that will open in the Netherlands in September 2014. I will be travelling to the exhibition in Nagelle, Netherlands and also to Germany for teaching of sculptural feltmaking workshops while I am there. Find out more about this international exhibition that includes artists from around the world that ‘cross boundaries’ within their feltworks. Find out more at

I will be organising the touring of Sculptural Felt International to Tamworth Regional Gallery and to Wollongong Art Gallery in 2015 so that audiences in Australia will get a chance to see this exciting exhibition of 13 artists working on the cutting edge of sculptural felt. I will be teaching next year for Fibre Arts Australia during July for Felt @the Winter School in Ballarat, and as part of the lead up to that course have been asked to respond to some questions on my art practice. You can read this conversation with the maker and other artists also at:


It’s Finished!!! The 15-metre long sculpture commission for Wollongong University is finally finished and installed in The Glenn Murcutt designed building at the university’s Moss Vale Campus. I have been working on this sculpture for a year using the assistance of my friend Milly Hyde for 9 metres of it, and making the other 6metre section in parts in my studio. Milly has access to a large shed and it was a delight to be able to make part of the work in one piece instead of working out how to make it in parts. It was also a delight to work alongside another maker. This is a permanent installation and can be viewed at anytime during University hours, at 60 Kirkham Street, Moss Vale. It is a flowing undulating work that utilises found objects, wood, and bronze in construction. It is in two parts, the first titled Book Bellows and the second titled Communal Ladder.

Beginning this month my work, “Weapon of Mass Deception”, that was collected by the Australian War Memorial will be on display in Canberra.

I have also had the pleasure of having a work selected for this years Blake Prize, it will be on show until 16th November at Galleries UNSW at COFA.

I have just finished teaching a 3day workshop in Narooma, exploring design in felt sculpture. Students learnt about the finer points of using a resist for sculptural forms, and further techniques for making complicated forms. We worked paper designs up into 3 dimensional ones. I will be teaching a version of this course in April 2014 for Contextart in the Blue Mountains if this interests you go to


The exhibition I have curated, Feltportation, continues this month with the opening event on 4th September held in conjunction with The 12th Southern Hemisphere Feltmakers Convergence (SHFC)

Organising the convergence has been a big job, and I have had a great team of people from The Illawarra Feltmakers working alongside me. The Convergence is held at Stanwell Tops from the 1-6 September. The Convergence is biennial and is a weeklong residential event, featuring lectures, demonstrations, and workshops related to feltmaking, attracting artists and feltmakers locally, nationally and internationally. The program of SHFC will provide for all 150 delegates to attend the exhibition opening event on 4th September at 3pm where Liz Jeneid will officially open the exhibition. Lieko Uchiyama, Martien van Zuilen, and Anna Gunnarsdottir will be our guest feltmakers for the Convergence, and I am looking forward to making some felt with them.

I am also teaching a workshop in sculpture using discarded and found objects at Kiama this month. Teaching basic assemblage techniques, and looking at ways of making successful collected object sculptures.


I have curated an exhibition titled Feltportation that opens on the 16th August. It is an exhibition of 13 felt artists and will be on show in the FCA Gallery at the University of Wollongong from the 16 August to 12 September 2013. The exhibition explores how felt can be used as an insulation material, allowing the transference or interference, of objects, materials, sound, warmth, and of spirit. Feltportation aims to bring an ancient craft into a modern context. There is also a full colour catalogue accompanying this exhibition including an essay by me about the show.

The two works that I have made in the exhibition I have now put images of in the felt forms portfolio on this site. Also have added a couple of images of new works to the miniatures portfolio. I hope you enjoy them. Also still working on the 15 metre long sculpture commission for Wollongong University. If you are on facebook I have been posting some images of the progress there.

I am teaching sculptural feltmaking workshops in Adelaide this month, as well as in Shellharbour, NSW, and starting to plan ones for next year. Also have been starting work on felt sculptures for the Tamworth Textile Triennial (exhibition for next year) and Sculptural Felt International in The Netherlands (also for next year) The works take quite some time to make so I am always working ahead.

JULY 2013

I have been working hard on the 15-metre long sculpture commission for Wollongong University this month, as well as curating an exhibition called Feltportation which involves 13 artists who work in the medium of felt. It opens in August in conjunction with The 12th Southern Hemisphere Feltmakers Convergence that I am helping to organise. We are expecting 150 feltmakers to attend the event at Stanwell Tops in NSW Australia.

JUNE 2013

June is a very busy month for me, as I have two exhibitions opening. The first “Me, the Road and I” is on 20th June at Wollongong City Gallery. I have made 5 new works for this show. There are images of some of these in the sculpture portfolio. Here is a link to a short film about that exhibition.

Also I am opening a solo show at Studio 19 with 46 works in that show, about 33 collages and the rest wall mounted sculptures. I have been running amuck with the pictures of the past Kings and Queens of Britain! Let me know what you think of the collages, it is the first time I have shown them in a large group. Studio 19 in Wollongong is a funky place, with great character to the building, and my works seem to look as though they belong there.

I have finished a community project working on a mural with year 6 St Michaels students at Thirroul. The 3 panels should be installed in the main street this month. For the design the students did consequence drawings, and they have turned out fantastic, imaginative and fun.

I am also having a lot of fun teaching a found object sculpture class at Studio 19 on Sundays this month. A great bunch of people, and some interesting works are in the process of being made. Marvellous things can happen when you get 8 minds together in a creative atmosphere.

MAY 2013

I am excited to announce that The University of Wollongong has commissioned me to make a sculpture for their corridor space that will span 15 metres in total length. The Glen Murcutt designed building is located at the Southern Highlands Campus of the University of Wollongong at Moss Vale. The sculpture is due to be installed in October so I am busy working on this to meet the deadline.

I am also preparing works for a solo exhibition of my work at Studio 19, in Wollongong. The exhibition is called Wunderkammer and explores the juxtaposition of and the process of collecting objects of curiosity. For this exhibition I have been making paper collages and assemblages that experiment with including natural objects with man made ones. The Show starts from wed 12th June till 6th July. Opening night is Friday 14th June from 6pm - 8pm. As part of this exhibition I am also teaching sculpture with found objects workshops in the exhibition space on Sundays during June.

APRIL 2013

I am pleased to announce that I have been asked to exhibit my work in Sculptural Felt International, which will be on show in the Netherlands during 2014 and then travel on to other countries. I have also been accepted into the 2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial for 2014, with the theme "collaboration" So I have now begun working on new ideas for more felt sculpture works to be made later in the year and into 2014. Felt works that try to push the boundaries of felt as a sculptural material, working with using it as an insulation material of sound.

I have added an image in the Improbable objects portfolio of a new work called Rest. It is part of the Please be Seated exhibition on this month till 27th April at Defiance Gallery, Sydney. I have now begun working on new collages for their next show, Stuck Together that opens 29th May.

This month I am teaching for Contextartforum in the Blue Mountains for a week, the workshop is on making small scale sculpture with found objects. Also currently working on a community art mural painting for Thirroul with design by the year 6 students of St Michaels Primary School.

MARCH 2013

I have had the pleasure of mentoring a fellow sculptor, Kate Stehr, over the past year. The mentorship comes to a close at the end of this month. This mentorship was funded by a Sculpture by the Sea grant. It has been rewarding and fruitful for both of us, meeting once a month, discussing art, the joys and frustrations of making, and professional practice issues. You can see some of Kate’s wonderful sculptures at her new website:

The next exhibition I am working towards is concerned with people who are refugees and their experiences and contributions to our community. I have been working solidly on the works for this show. The exhibition is called Me, the road and I, and will be on show at Wollongong City Gallery 1st June – 1st September 2013. One of the works titled Thoughts that breathe, involved joining shoe lasts to the pages of a book. This was new for me, and I ended up putting threaded rod through the entire book to provide support for the shoe last. I have added an image of that work to the sculpture portfolio on this site. I am also collecting hair from three generations of women in one family, to knot into the symbol of Bahai faith, and researching where and how to get gun parts for the other works in this show that I want to make. One never knows where a work will take you in the making.

Also coming up on 3rd April a show at Defiance Gallery in which the artists have used chairs as inspiration or material. I have made a menacing chair with a crutch embedded into the seat and backrest of the chair. The show will be on from 3rd - 27 April with a preview on Sunday the 31st of March. The other artists in the show: Renata Pari-Lewis, Michael Snape, David Teer, Paul Hopmeier, Carole Griffin, Leslie Oliver, Brian O'Dwyer, Andre Bowen, Peter Godwin, Anita Larkin, Daniel Kyle, Kevin Norton, Robert Bell and Ulvi Haagensen.

Have also been teaching feltmaking, and sculpture assemblage from found objects this month, and enjoying sharing the diverse approach to making that each student has. I will be teaching for Contextart Forum in the Blue Mountains 15th – 19th April sculpture with found objects.


I have two new works in an exhibition on currently at Wollongong City Gallery until 17th February 2013. WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS is an exciting exhibition curated by John Monteleone, and asks the artists in the show to look 100 years into the future. I have uploaded an image of the works, BIVOUAC and PILGRIMAGE in the improbable objects portfolio. I particularly like these works; Bivouac does indeed look like it is zooming across the gallery wall. Have a look if you are nearby.
The 12th Southern Hemisphere Feltmakers Convergence is now reaching full attendance and we are in the midst of organizing lectures, workshops, exhibitions, guest feltmakers etc. It will be an exciting event.
I will be curating an exhibition this year at FCA Gallery at Wollongong University titled Feltportation. 12 contemporary artists working in felt. It has been exciting to be in contact with other artists in felt and to begin to put this show together. More on this later.
This month I am teaching a sculpture workshop for The Shed Sculpture School in Sydney. Find details of this on the workshops page. more workshops in the planning stage. I am teaching a four day sculpture workshop in assemblage with found objects, in the Blue Mountains in April.
I have begun restoring part of a rowing boat in order to incorporate its nearly 3-metre length into a major artwork. It is a very beautiful thing in itself. I am very excited about this. But with all the other work I have to do this year, maybe it will be 2014 before I am able to fully work on it. Ideas are brewing though. It has so much possibility. An object of beauty and metaphor.
February sees me attending the International Sculpture Conference in New Zealand. Cant wait for that.


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