Leaping ChairThe breath between us (being played)The breath between usThe breath between us (mouthpiece detail)Listen Up!Apparatus for the Repatriation of TearsPaddling through the cloudsEatHarvestChilds PlayThe Wandering BreathPreambleWeary implement of whackWallopAt a loose endFulcrumPilgrimageWollongong AirMalletHuddle Weapon of Mass DeceptionWeapon of Mass DeceptionRoger, I hear you loud and clear…SeedSeedGunshipGunship (detail: inside drawers)Bullet PeopleTools for a forgotten purposeUnfurledOn the outside looking inOn the outside looking inPeripheral Noise and Extra PocketsPeripheral NoiseRicochetMutiny (hammer)Take ArmsThoughts that breatheThoughts that breathe (detail)ArterialArterial (detail)Tool for a forgotten purpose #52SnugUnicycleMy two left feetShadow selfDust cloud, for better or worse For better or worse In my hand I held a folding of time In my hand I held a folding of time