MemoryPuff DaddyPlumbThings that howl in the night (scissors, hammer, mirror)CherryHalf-volleyCricket Balls (Cherry, Beamer, Mullygrubber, Half-volley, and Bouncer)Inside out (cricket ball)Inside out (Softball)Second SkinBullet PeopleUnfurledWunderkammer object 389 (stitching green thread)ResonanceCarriageCrescendo NestOn the outside looking inOn the outside looking inPeripheral NoiseWunderkammer object 268 (drawing pencil)RicochetEdith Piaf sings her heart outRequiemThis is not a pipe, Magritte, or this, or this eitherNo. 806Footbridge (doorhandle)Mutiny (hammer)yo-yoRevolutionTaxiMap SpoolTake ArmsRolling man